C20 WhaleVTOL UAV is a Petrol-Electric Hybrid, full carbon-fiber VTOL platform that is Designed and researched by Vertek. Its open access avionics bay is compatible with most regular off-the-shelf avionic products. Multiple payload type support for full-frame camera, 5-lens camera, gimbal etc. With ideal long endurance to complete long voyage mapping and transportation task. Applications include Terrain mapping, Stereo mapping,Forest and Farming, Grid inspection, Atmospheric monitoring, Environmental protection and water patrol etc.




Optical Zoom Camera:


  • Multi sensor intelligent linkage, complementary advantages, meeting the needs of multiple operations. 


  • Visible focusing and zoom complement each other, insight into the overall situation and details.


  • High definition infrared thermal imaging breaks through the visual limitations in whole day.


  • Intelligent tracking, accurate rephotographing, ultra clear image, diversified functions.


  • intelligent and efficient in fire rescue, police law enforcement and power inspection etc.


Technical parameter


Visible light 30x zoom imaging:


Resolution: 1920 × 1080 @60fps


Field angle: 63 ° × 35°~2.3° × 1.3°


Visible 8mm fixed focus imaging:


Resolution: 1920 × 1080@60fps


Field angle: 38.4 ° × 22.2°


Infrared thermal imaging:


Resolution: 640 × 512@60fps


Field angle :12 ° × 9°


Tracking module:


Tracking speed: ± 48 pixels / frame @ 60fps


System external interface


Control interface RS232


Video output network / SDI


Power Supply:


Power interface: 11 ~ 16V


Power consumption: AV ≤ 10W, Max ≤ 16W


Environmental conditions:


Operating temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃


Storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃



Atmospheric monitoring


  • Volatile organic compounds / VOCs, H2S, CxHy / CH4 / combustible gas / LEL, CO2, NH3, HCl, O2, SO2, H2, Cl2, PH3, gas collection, ultrasonic wind speed and direction detection, nuclear radiation detection, ultraviolet spectrophotometry O3 and other detection modules.


  • Cloud data service and analysis.


  • Sniffer4D mapper data visualization and analysis software platform


  • Accept in-depth functions customization. 


  • Application: Environmental protection, Ship exhaust monitoring, Industrial inspection, Scientific research and other fields.



  • Transport Weight: 15kg
  • Dimension: 600 * 340 * 200mm
  • Transportation Radius: 100-150km


Transmitter Equipment

  • Interphone transmission
  • Data transmission
  • Image transmission
  • Radio transmitter

VTS-C20 Whale