VTS C2 Striker VTOL aerial surveying UAV is a 8.3kg-weight class,  full carbon-fifiber platform that is portable, easy to operate, stably effiffifficient, durable and wind-resistant. Designed for payload capacity,  endurance and price/performance, it greatly enhances the aerial  surveying workflflow and reduces the operating risk and cost. Easy to
flfly, easy to use and easy to transport!


The UAV employs modular assembly to enable rapid deployment,  each component stowed in a customized carrying backpack for single-operator at fifield to complete the whole task. Imported high-density carbon fifiber airframe allows for heavy payload,
streamlined fuselage creates large room for equipment while ensuring structural integrity and resisting g-force creep. 


Open access avionics bay is compatible with most regular  offff-the-shelf avionic  products. Multiple payload type support for full-frame camera, 5-lens camera, gimbal etc. Battery capacity range from 6S 22000mAh to 6S 30000mAh LiPos for ideal endurance.
Applications include terrain mapping, stereo mapping, forest and farming, grid 
inspection, environmental protection and water patrol.


Product Specifification:

Material: Carbon fifiber, engineering plastic etc.

Wingspan: 2300mm
Length: 1250mm

Wing area: 72dm²

Max takeoffff weight: 8.5kg

Cruise speed: 16-19 m/s

Range: 120-180 km

Stall speed: <12 m/s

Payload weight: 1.3 kg

Payload bay dimension: 160*130*260mm

Wind resistance: <5

Beaufort scale Launch method: VTOL

Assembly tools: none

Backpack dimensions: 132*43*48cm


Performance specififications:

VTOL propulsion:  118 motors, 50A ESC, 1555 (sea level) / 1655 (high altitude) carbon

                                       fifiber propellers

Fixed wing propulsion4125 motor, 120A ESC, 1612 straight propeller /

                                                1610 folding propeller



VTS-C2 Striker