VTS-C16 Condor

Aircraft dimensions: 
Wing span: 3.3m
Length: 2.1m


Aircraft Performance:
Empty weight: 8.0kg
Max takeoffff weight: 40.0kg
Payload weight: 8.0kg


Cruise speed: 120 km/h
Minimum speed: 80km/h
Maximum speed: 140km/h
Endurance: 480mins
Maximum Range: 800km



Hover / Takeoff / Land Voltage:44.4V

Type:Gas Engine



Default frequency:2.4GHz

Default range:8km



Defense & Security

Long endurance fifixed-wing VTOL drones, capable of operating with tight constrained areas. Our industrial drones comes with a rugged transportation box to support  excessive fifield missions.


Construction & Mining

Vertek industrial drones can conduct large site planning and management. The VTOL drones can be customized to carry a supply box, facilitating heavy equipment transportation between work sites.



Long range inspection for initial detection of damaged power lines. Our industrial drones can travel for several hours while capturing high defifinition images. The VTOL drone transition allows for close distance inspection to accurately locate the defect.


Oil & Gas

Vertek vertical takeoffff drones are designed for extreme environment. Long endurance covering up to 300km of pipeline inspections and offffshore flflight. Transportation of Oil and Gas supplies between locations, drastically improving logistics process.



Vertek industrial drones captures high defifinition mapping of crop production, allowing insights of possible mitigation measure. Automate the process, save on manpower costs and improve crop growth and production.



Automate delivery process and avoid congested urban traffiffiffic with our long range industrial drones. Effffectively transport vital supplies across secluded area or between hospitals and laboratories.

VTS-C16 Condor